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  1. 106
    Hi all, I reside in Spain and own a 1.4 auto 106 with a broken selector cable - finding a replacement is proving impossible thus far. Does anybody have any tips for where I might get one? New or from a breakers. (LHD but does that make a difference). Thanks in advance.
  2. 5008 (2009-2016)
    Hey people, I just joined while adding some sound to my "new" 5008 and I am struggling every part of the way. Never had such a complicated build before. Right now I want to run the speaker wires into the doors. I managed to remove everything including carpets up to the front and sound...
  3. 307
    Hello, i've found unplugged cable under the radio unit and near the air conditioner unit. Does anyone know what is it for?
  4. Partner
    I need a cable to go from rear of van through to the van battery. Where is the best place to route it is there an existing grommet I can push the cable through to the firewall? Pictures would be useful, thanks. 👍 It's a 2015 Peugeot partner. 850 SE L1 HDI
  5. 307
    I just bought Peugeot 307 2005 1.6 16V and try to fix all the problems it has. The problem I stuck is, I can't select the climate zone or change the temp. I mean I can change it on the screen of the digital climate but nothing change in reality. First, I thought gears are gone for the climate...
  6. 3008 (2017+)
    Hello dears, I need help of professionals of this forum! My name is Gladston I'm from Brazil and I have the 3008 Peugeot. Well, The multimidia of my car is RCC this model dont have GPS maps and other functionof with NAC continental. I bought on the ebay the NAC EUR WAVE2, the problem starting...
1-6 of 6 Results