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  1. Bipper
    Hello, bought a bipper van 2009 just for a run around for work. However the mileage is not displayed and recommendations on how to rectify?
  2. General Discussion
    I have just inherited a bipper Teepee, and the trip computer does not turn on at all. I want to check the fuse for it but it isn't listed on the diagram. Has anyone else had this problem or can offer a solution?
  3. Bipper
    Hope you can help, thanks in advance... I have a 2013 Bipper (3rd owner) and recently gone over 100'000 mile. Since doing so, my odometer / mileage display has started blinking / flashing, which seems to be draining the battery overnight. Looking through the manual, there is no information...
  4. Bipper
    Hi all. I am new to the forum scene, and have recently acquired a 2011 Bipper that I am needing some parts for. They are : 1) drivers air vent cover 2) van rear door (passenger side) trim card - bottom half of door that houses the door handle if anyone can recommend a supplier or breaker that...
  5. Bipper
    Hi I am trying to put head back on 2014 bipper 1.3 hdi F13DTE5-FHZ Cannot find the head bolt torque setting anywhere anyone help please ? Looked everywhere, fairly urgent as it stuck in the workshop
1-5 of 6 Results