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  1. General Discussion
    Please at your convenience can someone direct me as new to Peugeot and to the forum my question is on my 2005 1.4 S 5 door as I have not a full service record does this car have a timing belt or chain as it has now showing 64.000 genuine miles and no record on or in engine of timing belt change...
  2. 206
    I have a 2002 1.6 Roland Garros, does me fairly well as a ‘get me to work’ car with a couple of little luxuries like... not having to put the wipers on in the rain. I’ve had the cam belt done recently as it’s at 110k and has no record of it being done. I was hoping it may have rid it of a...
  3. 206
    i ordered a timing belt, tensioner and water pump kit for my 1.4 206. I ordered the kit for engines >366766 but my engine is <366765. I realised this due to belt being too short. it seems that it's not possible to buy the automatic tensioner for the older engine. question: will new timing belt...
1-3 of 3 Results