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  1. 308 (2014-2021)
    Im in process of changing the water pump and cambelt but i can;t find the marks and not to sure how i should do it, It is a peugeot 308 sw gt 2.0 bluehdi , 2015 , automatic. I;ve done it one time and something was wrong , the engine missfire and had a bad noise, hopefully i haven;t broke...
  2. 206
    Hello there, I got a 206 1.6hdi with ~110hp and i was wondering if there are any automatic gearboxes one can fit on it. The AL4 will die a miserable death if i try to run it on the car so if there are any other options please do share. Thank you.
  3. 406
    Hello, new to this forum. There's a Peugeot 406 with a transmission problem, in short, sometimes D and P start beeping, the dot next to them too, at the same time. It drives normally just beeps, it's also not consistent. The fix found was turning off the car and starting it again. Next recent...
1-3 of 3 Results