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  1. 508 (2018+)
    So I got my 508 GT Hybrid 2022 just before christmas, with Focal audio, since I really enjoy listening to music from my phone while driving. Or I would enjoy, if it didn't have stutters here and there. The stutters are short, but noticeable, especially when you're really into the music. Apple...
  2. 5008 (2009-2016)
    Hey people, I just joined while adding some sound to my "new" 5008 and I am struggling every part of the way. Never had such a complicated build before. Right now I want to run the speaker wires into the doors. I managed to remove everything including carpets up to the front and sound...
  3. 308 (2014-2021)
    Hi there Peugeot forum. I recently bought an 2018 model Peugeot 3008 and I'm really happy with everything in the car but not the audio system in it. I've driven many cars and owned multiple cars and I've never had this problem before. When listening to music the Peugeot 3008 audio system seems...
  4. 3008 (2017+)
    Hello, Recently having troubles on people hearing me through the car speaker system. Tried bluetooth wireless and android auto wired and the result is the same. Is there anything i can do before taking it to service, is the mic faulty? Thank you
  5. Traveller
    Hi - has anyone connected a CD player in any form to the traveller ? I have a 2019 thanks
  6. General Discussion
    hi - there seem to be mixed opinions on whether a USB CD drive will work for playing music in a Traveller. Partner has a lot of CDs and wants to use them. Won't put music on phone and then use BT as it consumes phone space is there such a thing as a USB CD drive (prefer slot load) that would...
  7. 307
    Hi, could not find solution on other boards. CDs play 10 or 20 seconds then stop. Not mute as no indication still playing. Tried lots of original discs and the same. Any ideas? Something I can change with settings etc? Peter Cumbria
  8. 207
    Hey guys, I just bought a new stereo for my peugeot 207 but i have a problem. It doesnt switch off when i turn off the car! the stereo is a Sony AV-AX1005DB. I've read that i had to change the red and yellow cable but it doesnt make a difference. Also read that the boardcomputer needs to...
  9. Audio (Sound) and Multimedia
    Hi i just buy a 2005 407 and i wanted to upgrade the head unit i have looked in to chinese head units but i can not find a compatible one with the JBL system at least is not writed down is there any ? I read somewhere but can not find it any more that as long as they had the canbus they will...
  10. 2008 (2019+)
    Hi, Anyone else facing this issue? When switching on the engine, music does not resume from the same point as before the last switch off, when listening to an mp3 list from USB. Not a big deal, but I was wondering if I am missing a setting or something. Cheers.
  11. 308 (2014-2021)
    Hey all, I've just gotten a 2016 model 308 and having a small issue with the audio, I thought it was an issue with the speakers but it seems to only happen on Bluetooth. I listen to Audiobooks while driving (keeps the road rage at bay) and I've noticed a distinct click noise on the audio, so...
  12. 307
    Hello guys, I bought recently an aftermarket Pioneer radio, it has a Bass button and it makes wonders with the built in speakers, except that my doors are rattling now. So I read somewhere in the forums that people use mdf rings to fix this problem. Anyone has any experience at this? Where to...
1-12 of 12 Results