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  1. Partner
    I replaced a new battery 5 months ago on Peugeot partner 2011 last night the battery sign came on dashboard and while I was driving down hill switched off the car but didn't start with ignition then I had to start it on 3rd gear and it was fine after few minutes the battery sign came back on...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi all, ive recently scanned my pug with a pp2000 and it showed a fault code p1527 saying that it was the "alternator earth short circuit ". Assuming that the frame holding the alternator is the ground i dont see whats the problem here. I also had the alternator installed new a month ago. Any...
  3. 206
    Hi, I tried to look for a similar tread, unfortunately could not find a match. Sorry if this has been coverd already. I have a 206 1.4, 75 Hk From: 2005 The Alternator stopped working and was not charging the battery properly. Meassured with voltmeter and the Battery died. Bought a new...
1-3 of 3 Results