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  1. 307
    Hello, i've found unplugged cable under the radio unit and near the air conditioner unit. Does anyone know what is it for?
  2. 2008 (2013-2019)
    Hi all, What can I do to resolve a smelly sock air conditioning? I have tried a can of spray, but it didn't last long. Can the system be recharged to refresh it, or does a whole filter box need replacing? Cheers.
  3. 307
    Good Morning all, First post here so sorry if not formatted correctly. I purchased a 307cc on a 2008 registration last week. Absolutely loving the car but I have just been to get my Air Conditioning recharged, they tested the pressure which was fine and also made sure that the condenser kicked...
  4. 307
    Hi, so a year back my AC started to not work. It fails to blow cold air, as I live in Norway this is only a problem during hot summers. As there are few hot summers, this only became an issue now. As I’ve been trouble shooting other issues , i tried to also looking at the AC. I put it on full...
  5. 206
    Hi guys, im new and i have poor english, so don't judge me :) It's seems like my temperature adjuster motor and the little plastic are broken in my pug. The motor is behr a7583 ub21 and i would like to change that to a new one, but i can't find any videos or anything else to know how can i do...
1-5 of 5 Results