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  1. 5008 (2017+)
    Hi, Frosty day with 2 celcius. Braked mildly, then out of the blue "automatic braking system fault" appeared on screen. Only 8 month old car with 2400 miles. Anyone else had this? Called dealer, they cannot have a look for next 8 days. Cannot even say whether I can drive the car. Thank you
  2. 308 (2007-2014)
    Afternoon all! Recently purchased a 2009 308 1.6 HDI. As of last week car was driving grand, until I received a phone call from the wife to say “some ABS thing-y has come on” Once she returned home I started the car and what do you know, “STOP” ABS braking system faulty. After a bit of...
1-2 of 2 Results