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  1. 207
    Hi, I’ve recently had an issue with the ESP/ABS light appearing on my 2008 Peugeot 207 GTI. Long story short, both the ABS and the ESP lights appeared a couple of weeks ago. My mechanic reckoned it was a bearing issue, and after replacing the offside front wheel bearing the ABS light...
  2. 205
    Hi chaps did anyone find a fix for this , some say it was rare to have abs but it defo has . Warning light comes on as soon as car starts so failed it’s MOT. Really keen to find a mechanic that knows how to fault find in essex as everyone now seems to want to just plug in a get fault codes . I...
  3. 207
    Hi all. I'm trying to sort out the brakes on a mates 207 van. The brakes work but if you press hard the pedal is taken away from your foot, the front wheels lock and when the van stops the pedal judders like the abs is trying to work. So far it's had a full brake service, including fresh fluid...
1-3 of 3 Results