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  1. 806/807
    Hi Have just purchased a 807 petrol and drivers side main beam is aiming low and adjustor is just turning so think i need to replace headlamp assembly can i do this without removing the bumper john
  2. 806/807
    Get "call unsuccessfully", Diagnostic gives no fault indication. Got a new SIM card and the radio recognise the card, all normal until the call is made. Heard someone talking about "2G/3G compabilty". Any idea?
  3. 806/807
    Hi. I have an elderly 807 that needs a new seal for the rear door. The seal I need is the one on the leading edge of the door that the front door closes onto. I’ve searched but can’t find a replacement anywhere, partly because I’m not sure exactly what to ask for. Any help or advice appreciated.
  4. 806/807
    Anyone have any experience of replacing the AC condensor on an 807? The system is completely empty so no issue with gas whilst working on it but I'm wondering how best to access it. Do I need to remove the front bumper or can I access it without removing the whole bumper? Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results