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  1. General Discussion
    Hi Ive got a 2006 607 2.2l diesel and my drivers side seat belt buckle has stopped working! Cant get a new one now and second hand are hard ( maybe impossible) to find! Its got a sensor connected which adds to the problem! does anyone know where I could get hold of one? Im trying all the scrap...
  2. 806/807
    Get "call unsuccessfully", Diagnostic gives no fault indication. Got a new SIM card and the radio recognise the card, all normal until the call is made. Heard someone talking about "2G/3G compabilty". Any idea?
  3. 607
    My multifunction display is stuck on startup and on right lower corner it says ready. I can press any buttons and nothing will happen tried bsi resets ecu resets and nothing. Called dealership they said they dont know. contacted peugeot thru email they replied that i need to contact their...
  4. 607
    Hi guys I have just bought a second hand peugeot 607 but the language on the GPS is Polish, I have a firmware CD I think, but it will not install Egnlish from the disc when I select the option.. Perhaps the disc is scratched? where can I get another? Thanks so much in advance!
1-4 of 4 Results