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  1. 607
    Hi guys. Peugeot 607, 2.0 HDI 2006 facelift model. Had intermittent wipers on and they worked. Got out of car and back in, drove off and thought they haven't come on again. Checked fuse in engine bay, fuse 12 i think, 30Amp. Looked ok but changed it and not working so changed back. Later that...
  2. 607
    This is what my garage had to say about doing the rear suspension arms for the MOT on my 607 "(Welded) one side yes. The other is too rotten especially around where it bolts onto the subframe. We started cleaning it off last night and it literally crumbled away." Can anyone locate one anywhere...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi Ive got a 2006 607 2.2l diesel and my drivers side seat belt buckle has stopped working! Cant get a new one now and second hand are hard ( maybe impossible) to find! Its got a sensor connected which adds to the problem! does anyone know where I could get hold of one? Im trying all the scrap...
  4. 806/807
    Get "call unsuccessfully", Diagnostic gives no fault indication. Got a new SIM card and the radio recognise the card, all normal until the call is made. Heard someone talking about "2G/3G compabilty". Any idea?
  5. 607
    My multifunction display is stuck on startup and on right lower corner it says ready. I can press any buttons and nothing will happen tried bsi resets ecu resets and nothing. Called dealership they said they dont know. contacted peugeot thru email they replied that i need to contact their...
  6. 607
    Hi guys I have just bought a second hand peugeot 607 but the language on the GPS is Polish, I have a firmware CD I think, but it will not install Egnlish from the disc when I select the option.. Perhaps the disc is scratched? where can I get another? Thanks so much in advance!
1-6 of 6 Results