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  1. 407 SW rear wiper mechanism

    Anyone out there shed any light on whether the rear wiper mechanism (the part which attaches to the tailgate glass) is unique to the 407 or is it a common part? I have been looking for a replacement as the spindle on mine is broken. Many thanks
  2. 407 overheating

    Hi, I have Peugeot 407sw hdi 136. In the last couple of days my radiator fans have been cutting on once the temp gets to 90c +. They continue to run when it gets to the red but comes down after a while , there is fluid in the tank and nothing has been changed. My initial thought was thermostat...
  3. PP2000 / Peugeot Planet 2000 support

    I have a pp2000/lexia 3 with a laptop that's running diagbox v8.55, and it worked well with my old Peugeot 206, but now that I have 407 SW it doesn't show 'global test' in PP2000. If I open Peugeot Planet, it only shows option 'test by ecu' and 'under it' 'Built in systems interface' and...
  4. Front driver side door speaker wire / door plug

    I am trying to pull new speaker wire to the driver side door, but am having trouble accessing the plug from the interior as it seems to be behind BSI / airbag / fusebox The car is left hand drive, so on the driver side there is BSI and knee airbag before I am able to access the door plug...
  5. 407sw 2.0HDi 2004 manual randomly wont start

    Hello there I have bought my very first car for not a long time ago, after some time it had firstly developed an issue where it would pop the nr8 fuse which is responsible for the starter solenoid. Sometimes the starter would spin without engaging with the flywheel. I have replaced the starter...
  6. Peugeot 407 2.0 HDI Automatic, engine runs fine. Wont drive or reverse

    Our Peugeot 407 2.0 HDI Automatic is having some problems. My dad was driving the car on the highway when suddenly the car went out of gear and wouldn't drive anymore. We got it towed home and I put an OBD tester on it, it throws the codes: P1351, P0470, and P1461. But I think the problem is...
  7. 407sw owner in Kent

    Hi all, I have recently become the owner of a 56 plate Peugeot 407sw. It was given to me by my brother and it was in a terrible state, all moldy and no MOT. I had the MOT done and got it fully valeted. I absolutely love the car. And now just looking to learn some knowledge with regards to these...