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  1. mobil 1 synthetic transmission for AM6??

    I'm going to change gear box oil of my Peugeot 407 2.0 Hdi, fitted AM6 box, thinking to use synthetic oil for this as i saw it would improve the performance in some threads.Does mobil 1 ATF or Valvoline maxlife match for my car? or is there any other synthetic oils to mach? your comments are...
  2. 10w60

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, i have a 407 coupe 2,7hdi. in the owners manual it says to use 5w30 , i am currently using 5w40.i have been thinking if its a good idea to use 10w60? will that damage something like the turbos or even the engine ? the reason is that i drive it too aggressively and sometimes the oil...
  3. Peugot 407 misfiring

    Hi guys I have peugot 407/2005. My problem is cutting out (with vibration) of the engine in the cold morning weather that lasts for 5 minutes and accompanies with flashing check engine and ESP/ASL faulty only. I took it to the garage for computer check which revealed misfiring in many cylinders...
  4. ew12j4s power increase?

    hi i have a Peugeot 407 coupe 2.2 petrol and i am wondering how to get more power out of it? i looked at the turbo route but thats too expensive. i have considered a 50 shot of NOS and a air filter and stainless exhaust with a vegaz manifold? any ideas would be helpfull
  5. Peugeot 407 coupe 2.2 fuel guage not working

    hi i have a 407 coupe with the ew12j4s engine and my fuel gauge has gone to the lowest mark and the fuel light has come on was working yesterday but today there is no reading,when you turn the power off theres no reaction. Usually it stays on the correct level until the screen in the...
  6. 407 coupe wind noise

    Hi all! I noticed there's quite some wind noise on the driver side of my car, on the passenger side the noise is quite less (but still a bit). When washing the car there's no water conning in through the seals so I assume the noise comes from somewhere else. Does anyone else have the same...