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  1. New 308SW 2017 Owner - Retrofit rear cam

    308 (2014+)
    Hello I've recently purchased a 308SW after having a 307SW for almost 15years. The car came with a NAC headunit, rear parking sensors but no rear cam. I've read extensivly about retrofiting the rear cam, some claim to have the loom in place, other claim that it's absent, but all of this was...
  2. 08reg 308sw rear offside lamps stop working

    308 (2007-2014)
    One day i got the beep near offside rear window every time I press the break. The left indicator light on dashboard flashes faster than the right one as well. Firstly, I assumed both the indicator and break bulbs are gone. However, they look fine after get them off the base. I tried new bulbs...