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  1. 308 (2007-2014)
    Hi all, After attempting to open my roof, it unlatched and then refused to move any further. After scanning the roof ECU I've found: L/H catch closed faulty. Is anyone able to tell me where the catch in question is located? Also when attempting to lock the roof shut with the Allen key supplied...
  2. Audio (Sound) and Multimedia
    I recently fitted Android 10 head unit with canbus with my 308cc which has JBL sound system. Everything works fine with the new system but my issue is poor sound quality from the JBL system. The sound seems to be louder most in the front dashboard speakers including bass and the door speakers...
  3. 308 (2007-2014)
    Hi. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of buying a new plastic mount for the courtesy light? I can't seem to find the correct terminology online to find this part. Also, I was wondering if it was difficult to replace. Just bought a 308cc with a loose light mount! Thanks for any help!
  4. 308 (2007-2014)
    Hi everyone. I have traces of oil leaking from my top intercooler pipe, just want to know if any one has had problems like this and what they found before I start taking it apart to try and trace where the oil is coming from. My hunch is probably to do with crank breather ect hopefully that...
  5. General Discussion
    Hi, I have a Peugeot 308cc 2010 1.6 and i can only find a haynes manual for a 308 that says it doesn't cover 308CC specifics but are the engines the same in the 308 and 308CC? I might need to do a head gasket and i would like a useful manual to assist with this especial with torque specs etc
  6. 308 (2007-2014)
    Good night, Im experiencing an issue with my 2014 308cc, all windows works fine though the door buttons and all windows button But when I close the roof and all windows goes close the passager window seems like to activate the smack sensor, goes to almost close then turn back If I pull the...
  7. 308 (2007-2014)
    Hi all, so I am in desperate need of help. A couple of weeks ago I lowered my drivers side window and went to raise it again heard a snap and the window wouldn't work, brought a new regulator as when we removed old one we could see the wires had been chewed up into the motor, so fitted in new...
1-7 of 7 Results