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308 gti

  1. 308 (2014+)
    Hi, Ive got the 125 THP 1.6 Allure, and have seen various induction kits for the 308 GTI, but none specifically made for the THP models. The GTI has the 1.6 engine and which also looks similar to the THP models so was wondering if the induction kit for the GTI would fit the THP? Or has anyone...
  2. 308 (2014+)
    Hi, looking at getting a chip for my 2017 gti- has anyone had any experience of chipping? How easy is it to do and is HP and torque increase genuine?
  3. Showroom
    So almost a year in I think it's time to give a brief review for anyone considering a GTI. Mine is a 2017 (pre facelift) model which I got with around 25,500km on the clock. My intention was to track and daily the car on a relatively tight budget. Road manners: For such an aggressive car on...