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  1. 308 (2007-2014)
    Hi everyone! I have a Peugeot 308 register 62 with a Harman Becker Be6428 RNEG radio/satnav. After installing a brand new car battery only to find it flat a few days later (same issue as old battery), I booked it for a diagnostic with my local Peugeot dealer. They found that the radio system...
  2. 308 (2014-2021)
    Hey, I have this issue with my Peugeot 308 Motion+ 1.6 HDi 92 HK that I hope you guys can help me with. the issue is where it says “engine failure have the vehicle repaired” on the dashboard. This error message have a 50/50 chance of occurring when I drive. When the error message is not there...
  3. 308 (2007-2014)
    Hi guys, im thinking of getting a bargain 2007 peugeot 308 1.6 hdi with 170k km on the clock. What are your thoughts about reliability? Are their any issues to look for? Thanks
  4. 308 (2007-2014)
    Hi my 2012 Diesel 308 ACCESS E-HDI S-A- 1.6litre Automatic Hatchback has an Engine fault light on past few days when I accelerate more onto the motorway it triggers the esp light to come on, beeps and dashboard messsge says Engine fault esp/asr fault...picture of vehicle skid risk pops
1-4 of 4 Results