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  1. 307
    Hello All, Recently I have been plagued with a likely MAF related issue Code: P0102 - Flowmeter signalopen circuit or short circuit to earth Symptom: This issue causes an anti pollution message in the cabin and then seems to limit the revs to 3000 very slow and no power it is almost always...
  2. 307
    I have 307 SW I noticed that the mileage is always shown even when the car is off and door closed. Is this bug fault? I bought it only today hope it is ok. Other question, I when I turn on the engine, I get message about Antipolution
  3. 307
    Hi Everyone, Clouseau, my 2005 307sw 2.0 petrol has decided it’s about time for a brand new problem! The issue: following a cold start, he shudders/hesitates/hiccups when moving off, and for a short period afterwards. There is a relatively strong smell of petrol fumes as well. Once he is...
1-3 of 3 Results