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  1. 407
    Hi guys, I have a question. After reinstalling an engine to car, I don’t know where put one part. It is little heavy made of steel.
  2. 407
    Hi all recently got a Peugeot 407 2007 2.7hdi done 150,000km. runs smoothly when it wants to. sometimes when first driving it stutters but once warm it goes fine. recently had the engine light with codes P0405 P1351 The next day it just disappeared any help will be appreciated thanks.
  3. 607
    How i can remove turbo on that model. Also it says on obd scanner that pank A temps sensor is broken. Where i can locate it. I dont want to send it to repairs because i want to know about my car myself. Please help! 😥
  4. 407
    In recent weeks, the car has been a bit sluggish to kick over, ie say up to 5-7 sec to fire up as opposed to usual 2-3 sec. It is intermittent; the engine may be cold or hot and some days it does not happen at all. Irrespective, the starter motor seems to be turning over OK. Using my little OBD...
1-4 of 4 Results