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  1. 406
    Afternoon All, I've recently purchased a 2.2 HDI 406 and now have the pleasure of tracking down all the vacuum faults. I think I've got my head round how the system works. At the moment I am however confused about how the vacuum solenoid valves should behave. I assumed they should be closed...
  2. Boxer
    Hi All, Since its been getting cold outside my van has started to smoke in the mornings. It is a whiteish/greyish smoke for maybe the first 5 or so minutes of driving. There is no coolant loss over time so I think it must be unburnt fuel. I have just replaced the air filter and have a new fuel...
  3. 407
    Hi guys, My FAP made a regeneration before 300km ~ 200 miles. But now he is almost clugged - 96% load and doesn't want to make regeneration. Fault - F031 - No communication with the diesel additive ECU So, I saw the values in DiagBox - 0 ml injected quantity of EOLYS in the fuel tank. 1145ml...
1-3 of 3 Results