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  1. 206
    Hi has anyone ever seen a 206 GTi with 17in 208 GTi rims on,is the fitment the same on the 206? there's loads of 208 rims on eBay and think they would look sick on my 206gti 140, it's got the standard 16in Nimrod's on at present.
  2. 208 (2012-2019)
    Hi everyone, I need some advice. My 208 GTI thp200 of 2015 with 43,000 km when started cold, based on how long it has been standing still seems to make a chain noise for the first few seconds. In this case for a very short time because the car was stopped for a short time. I am attaching a video...
  3. 208 (2012-2019)
    Hi all, New to the forum but thought I'd share my (long) story. So here is the tale of my awful 208 Gti Prestige experience (so far) I finally bought a 208 Gti four weeks ago privately (22k miles), loved the car for the first few days, super fun to drive! Day 1 - I got the exhaust replaced...
1-3 of 3 Results