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  1. General Discussion
    Anybody had any issues with there window controls at drivers side? Since February I have not been able to control the passenger windows. Been in and out of arnold clark since February and they still can't fix it. This is my 3rd week this time of not having my car.
  2. 208 (2012-2019)
    Hello all, i have recently got a used 208 (2014) 1000cc with around 98k KM(60834 miles) and after around a month a orange warning light came on while driving beeping and flashing and after i stopped the fan was running at full speed for around 5-7 min. After it stopped when it does the initial...
  3. 208 (2012-2019)
    Okay guys so I’ve been working on this 2013 1.0 petrol (ZMZEngine code) Peugeot 208 now I’ve fixed the cat split issues that plagues these but in the process I was checking the spark efficiency but I was at home due to this being a family members car so I was having to do things the let’s say...
  4. 208 (2012-2019)
    i have got these two code which are related to the throttle and acceleration which cause the pedal not to react at all. after a few minutes with the engine off the pedal is back to working. it has happened before, and it disappeared after clearing the faults at my mechanic. according to the...
  5. 208 (2012-2019)
    Hello, I have a Peugeot 208 2013 active 1L petrol. Its done 56,000 miles. I've started getting jerking and slow acceleration in 2nd and 3rd gear in particular. It'll go slow then all of sudden the power kicks in and acceleration returns to normal. This tends to be the case when the engine is...
  6. 208 (2012-2019)
    I have a 208 2014 with SMEG 3.17.A.R3, and I want to know if i can update the system, is it worth upgrading? whats the difference? Also i would like to install android auto and a reverse camara on it, can i do it with this system, does anyone know how can i do it?
  7. General Discussion
    This is second time I've turned the 208 on in the morning to find my car in French.. posted in an all new 208 group and a few others from here and over Europe having the same issue. are there specific channels to report infotainment bugs to Devs? Can't find any good threads on the issue, but...
  8. 208 (2012-2019)
    For the past few weeks I have had a warning light showing up on my screen and dash of my 2018 Peugeot 208. It says: braking system fault: Stop the vehicle. Whilst also showing traction warning light, handbrake on, and STOP This usually happens when I am on dual carriageways going 40-60mph and...
  9. 208 (2019+)
    Hi Looking for help please 🙏 I have a 2020,208 The i cockpit dash display has changed to French and Km/hour instead of Mph. I don’t know how to change it back and I have to drive really slowly as I can’t convert Km/hour to Mph in my head!! Thanks for your help.
  10. 208 (2012-2019)
    Unable to fit whatever cup bigger than a small soda can in our 208, I designed a new cupholder that fits everything between a soda can and a large sized fast food cup. For everyone who wants to make one themselves (it's 3D printed); here are the files for the printer...
  11. Audio (Sound) and Multimedia
    Hello to all, i have an early 2015 Peugeot 208 where i would like to know the way to update the firmware of the multimedia center. can a update add Apple carplay function?
  12. 208 (2012-2019)
    Hi all, hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year! It’s been a very long time since I have posted but I am hoping someone out there may be able to help me. My partners 2016 208 1.2 has sat on the drive for a couple of weeks whilst we have been away. Got back today and she told me her...
  13. 208 (2019+)
    The courtesy lamps & interior ambient lighting doesn't come on when the car is unlocked, is there a way to turn this on? Also the exterior lighting doesn't come on when the car is locked/unlocked using the keyless remote. Its a 2021 GT. Shouldn't it do something like this in this video;
  14. 208 (2012-2019)
    My 208 active completely lost all acceleration at the end of a long journey the other day and has been in the garage with Peugeot for the last week and they still can't find a fault with it. After an initial test it came back with the fault code P2137- accelerator pedal position sensor signal...
  15. 208 (2012-2019)
    Hello. I sent my car for MOT. It passed other than tyre changes, but came back with a strong desire to steer to the right below about 30mph. After checking the tracking, the garage did some more diagnostics and discovered the power steering sensor is registering a 7 degree input while the...
  16. General Discussion
    Bought my 208 at the start of August, been relatively dry where I live but recently we've had a bit of rain, and when driving in the rain I've noticed that there's some weird streaking going on. I have washed the wipers with soapy water and the windscreen with Autoglym Fast Glass but it's still...
  17. 208 (2012-2019)
    Hi everyone! New owner to my first Peugeot (208 64 plate) just wondering if any owners have used an Appleplay dongle with their radio? Thanks!
  18. Showroom
    First time Peugeot owner from The Netherlands (after Mazda, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Renault, Subaru, Fiat, etc.)
  19. 208 (2012-2019)
    Hi could anyone help me out I’m in Manchester area my 208 is driving me mad if anyone could plug my car with a proper diagnostic and get a full diagnosis for me. My car has like muffle blow noise from think middle exhaust section not 100 % also makes whine noise that comes & goes from left side...
  20. General Discussion
    Hello, not sure i'm posting where i should. I'm new here :D. Just having a question. How can i reset my navigation screen? I started on a stupid update, it got stuck at 50% and then it failed: update failed, 36! i had to disconnect the battery, then put it back, update reinitialized, but then...
1-20 of 39 Results