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  1. 207
    Hello Everyone! My Gf has a Peugeot 207 cc from 2007, the left window has stopped working. We chased the fault down to the Temic module. It's pretty impossible to get one for a peugeot 207 cc, but they grow on trees for renault clios, and meganes. My question is, is it possible that it will...
  2. 207
    hello, I recently purchased a 08 peugeot 207cc. The car is wonderful to drive, but it has its problems, The roof doesn’t come down, I pressed the button could hear it working for 5 seconds, it stopped so I went to close it back fully, and the boot has appeared to raise a little bit, I have...
  3. 207
    Hi, So I’ve had my 207cc for a year now and first couple of months roof worked fine, then one day roof wouldn’t deploy and now I continually get this message, it makes no other sounds and nothing appears to be stopping it, I don’t want to take it to a Dealer as I’ve seen on her they rarely know...
  4. 207
    Please could someone tell me what gear box code I can get for my Peugeot 207 GT CC (2009) the VIN number is: VF3WB9HZC34607234 Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results