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  1. How much to sell for spares and repairs?

    Hi I have a 2011 207 active 1.4 16v with 89500 miles. It has been playing up a lot recently and I've been putting good money after bad. It's currently not starting due to water in the fuse box. I'm wanting to sell for spares and repairs (including brand new Coil pack). What price should I be...
  2. How to remove tailgate on 207

    Hi all, I’m trying to replace the tailgate on my 207. But don’t know how to remove the hinge. I would greatly appreciate any tips and advice on how to remove the tailgate Kind regards, Mike
  3. 207 1.6HDI 2009

    Hi everyone, I’ve got a 1.6hdi 2009 on a 58plate, I changed the CD player too a aftermarket one, it was working perfect up untill a couple days ago, it randomly stopped working (turnt it’s self off) I’ve checked the fuses that I can locate (under bonnet) and seems fine. I plugged a different...
  4. (207) 2 out of 3 break lights not working any help 207

    General Discussion
    I have a 2010 207 1.4 hdi I figured out that two break lights either side of the car weren’t working where as the one above the window is working so I did the usual checked the bulbs and fuse all Intact So I got a break pedal switch and replaced that too still no joy and tips of things to look...
  5. 207 1.4 Hdi risk of particle filter clogging - warning light

    My trusty 207 is now on 95000 miles. Lately a warning light has been flashing with the message 'particulate filter may be at risk of clogging'. This is only intermittent and more likely to show at the start of the week. I have a 60 mile round trip commute mon-fri and tend not to drive much at...
  6. Needing OEM code from ABS Unit

    Hello! I have an ABS Module which I've found to be compatible with 206 207, and Citroen C2 and C3 models, and I can't seem to find a 6 digit OEM code that matches the piece number. I'm writing down here the references I have, if anyone can give any info It'd be appreciated. Thanks! 9663703380...
  7. Anti pollution fault

    Hi I recently bought a Peugeot 207 it’s a 1.4 petrol 2010 and is on 38000 miles car runs fine no stuttering but the engine light is on and comes up with anti pollution fault on the dashboard what should I do?
  8. 207 1.6 petrol non vti de pollution

    Hi guys, I have a 2006, 207, 1.6 petrol, non vti that has de pollution & runs really rough. Am I correct in thinking that this particular engine does not have a CAM SHAFT sensor? I know the crank shaft sensor position, it’s resistance was 0.43. I am about to remove the engine mount & inspect...
  9. 207 engine torque settings.

    Hi, I have a 207 with a petrolKFU engine 1.4 16v and i need to replace gasket and timing belts etc. I need to know the correct torque settings for the major bolts. Can any one help me, a snapshot from Haynes manual will be ideal. I ordered the manual from a local shop but i need to wait about 2...