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    Is this aperture useful?
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    Hello, I just joined. I hope to find a solution. I just had trouble Automatic Gearbox AL4 Gear 1 to 2 jump. Peugeot 206+ or 207 Sedan TU5JP. 80Kilometers full history What I've done is Overhoul Gearbox. Replaced seal, automatic canvass, all bearings. Until I dismantled the hydraulic block and...
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    So everytime i start my car in the morning on cold engine i peak at 12.6 psi boost ... and have no problems with boost but after 5-10 mins when the engine warms up i immediately lose boost and cannot go past 3000-3500 rpm its literally stuck there i hear the diverter valve open and it tries to...
1-4 of 4 Results