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  1. 207
    I’m in Japan. My 207 VTI has weird features… the stereo, 16 inch wheels verse 17 inch. Can anyone help me with the VIN? It was sold and registered as a 2010 but the VIN reads like 2009?
  2. 207
    Hello ! Having trouble with the oil sensor in my car, it askes me to check oil all the time even tho it’s full. It’s quiet annoying and I wouldn’t mind replacing it. I’ve tried to Google the answer but can’t seem to find it. Where is the oil sensor located ? It’s a Peugeot 207 1,6 VTI 2008 with...
  3. 207
    I have just bought a Japanese import 2010 Peugeot 207 1.6 vti petrol model, VIN VF3WC5FS9AW038429 as a first car for my daughter to learn in. I would like to clean the throttle body and the MAF/MAP sensor as part of general maintenance, but I cannot locate either of the units on this car. I'd...
  4. 207
    Hello from Sweden! I have a Peugeot 207 1,6 VTI 2007 that has lately been leaking alot of coolant. It all started two weeks ago when i was going to check the oil level and saw that the coolant level was below minimum mark. I filled it up and started to notice that within a week the coolant...
1-4 of 4 Results