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207 1.4 petrol

  1. Front indicator and side repeater intermittent failure

    Hi All, I'm having an unusual issue with my daughters 56 plate 207 1.4 16v. The LH front indicator and associated side repeater stops working occasionally. I've checked the bulbs and they are both fine. A fault is reported on the dashboard each time this happens. Resetting the BSI rectifies the...
  2. Peugeot 207 SE no power when door is unlocked

    Hello everyone. I require some help with my Peugeot 207 Se I bought the car with this problem and I would like to know what to do to get it fixed. When I put my key in the drivers door it only opens that door. It’s like there is no power at all within the car until I put the key into the...
  3. 207 1.4 08 Reg - Antipollution Error Message

    So I took my car out yesterday for daily errands as usual - it felt a bit iffy when I strated it - I had to turn the key a few times to get the engine running as it was stalling immediately after each turn of the key. I also noticed that with each stall, all the pre-set info on my dash board...
  4. 207 1.4 petrol

    Hi all, My 207 keeps losing coolant quickly once switch on. Suggest any key things that I need to check. I'm no expert so any help advice would be great.