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207 1.4 d
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    My 207 1.4d keeps cutting out while driving along. It comes up with oil sensor issue.. but not sure if this is the problem, ive plugged into a reader and it came back with no error codes.. any one got ideas? Ive brought new oil sensor/switch but dont knos where to put it
  2. 207
    Hi all, I’ve written in a couple of times about my 207 1.4 HDI not starting, after numerous things done i have came to the conclusion the starter motor needs changed but i can not find it, does anyone know how to access the starter motor or any tips on how change it? Many Thanks
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    I wrote a post earlier in the month about my Peugeot 207 1.4 HDI being completely dead, I recently discovered that my negative battery terminal has been severed. I’ve been told i need to find an earth but can’t seem to locate any. Does anyone have any idea where the earths are on the model of...
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    Hi there, I drive a 2007 207 1,4 HDI, two nights ago i drove home and my car was working fine. I wake up the next morning for work and go to start it and it sounded like it was trying to start, then i took my key out and tried again and strange things like my lights flashing and my window...
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    Hi All, I recently purchased a top of the range touch screen bluetooth stereo (from AliExpress :p) for my 2009 1.4d Peugeot 207. However, when I tried to fit it, the car frame was too large so I need to source a new frame to fit alongside my new stereo. Here is the link for the stereo...
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    Hi Guys, To start, some info on the car: 2009 Peugeot 207 1.4 Diesel Manual Last Serviced November 2019 with a certified Peugeot dealer, no issues found bar some work on brakes etc. My car battery has recently died 3 times. This happened when the engine was off and I had the radio or lights...
1-6 of 6 Results