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    Hi, I cannot open my boot as the lock turns but it does not spring back and does not seem to be deploying the release lever. I have unlocked the car with the central locking, but the key still will not open the boot. I have tried to access behind the back seats but there is a metal plate that...
  2. 206
    Hi everyone I recently bought a 2006 Peugeot 206 cc been happy with it until today tried putting the roof down and nothing happened. The boot cover is in place windows go down undo the roof latches press the button all I get is beeping. Anyone have any idea what this means or how to fix it?
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    Hi Battery is end of life on my 06plate 206cc. Have replacement battery and seems simple enough to change over. However I'm a little concerned once I disconnect the battery that the immobiliser won't function properly. Does anyone know if replacing the battery will cause an immobiliser issue...
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    Hi, I have a 206cc all good but the blipper don,t work when I bought it a few months ago the guy did say he changed the battery and never worked. The key works fine but be nice to get the blipper working again. Is there a way to do this please.