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  1. 206
    I have a Peugeot 206 1999 1.4l 2 door. 2 months ago I installed a subwoofer to my car, all the cables drawn correctly with the help of my friends who builds audio cars. After about 1 month the battery light started to come on when the stereo was on. So I stopped using the stereo, barely...
  2. 206
    Hi everyone, new here and hoping someone can help as I can't find any information elsewhere. I'm moving to Belgium next week and bringing my 2001 206. I have a set of eurolites but I can't work out where to fit them. The instructions list clear headlight models but I have plastic units with...
  3. 206
    Hi, Is it possible to reset the crash data on a peugeot 206 without removing it from the vehicle. It is located under the ashtray in the centre consol and looks like will be difficult to remove. The vehicle has been in a minor crash that set off the airbags but no structural damage to the...
  4. 206
    The fuel pump of Peugeot 206 1.4 i engine 75 hp, is located under the rear seat. The access of the fuel pump is quite easy and the replacement and installation is not difficult at all. If you buy only the fuel pump it is more complicated to dismantle it, but not impossible.., but if you have...
  5. 206
    Can lip from Renault laguna 1996 fit on Peugeot 206 s16?
  6. 206
    Hey guys, nice to meet you! I got a Peugeot 206 Generation 2009 Petrol version (1.4 liters) and my current battery is dead and i want to replace it. The problem is that i dont know which one should i choose because winter is coming and i also want to add a multimedia radio station on my front...
  7. 206
    Hi All, I have a 206cc 2.0 Petrol which has the EML comes on intermittently, mostly when the engine has warmed up. The car shudders and feels like it is misfiring when it happens. Have changed the spark plugs and coil pack but still has the same problem. I have had the fault codes checked and...
  8. 206
    Hello from Germany, I am Struggling to find the Gearbox Code on my Peugeot 206 1.4l 16V with 88hp from 2004. Is there any possibility to get it with the VIN? It would be VF32CKFUA44070796. Thanks in advance!
  9. 206
    Hi there, For a couple of years i use my 206 RC/180 on the racetrack. These days i rarely use it on the street, but it is street legal and i plan to keep it that way. I go to the racetrack by driving it. After couple of years my shock absorbers are starting to give up, so i'm looking at...
  10. 206
    Hello everyone! In my 2001 Puegeot 206 1.4i AC blows only when I select the fourth (highest) setting. Checked every single fuse, they are all fine. What may be the problem here? Here is a video of the problem: Streamable Video Thank you! Happy New Year!
  11. 206
    Hello there I have 206 and every morning i need to turn start for 4 or 5 time to motor start to ignite So when car start to run after that when i want turn it off and on its normal until tomorrow morning How can i solve that . where is the problem
  12. 206
    Hi! I'm putting in a auxillary heater (petrol powered) in my '04 206cc. And now i'm trying to figure out how to let the heater activate the blower motor in order to heat up the cabin. This is usually done with a relay putting power to the blower speed selector switch. The problem for me is that...
  13. Introductions
    Hello folks, I’m the proud owner of a new-to-me 2002 Peugeot 206 5-door hatchback. I loooove it, but most people here in Costa Rica are scared of Peugeots — they assume parts are nonexistent or super expensive, and that the engines are built upside down. I’m from the US, and most gringos too...
  14. 206
    My Garros has had issues with aircon from the start so I never really believed it even worked, presumed totally defunct. I was bored the other day and notice that the revs drop when I turn on the AC. I’m sure it’s pretty vague evidence but is there anything I could/should look at to see if I can...
  15. 206
    Just bought a 180 off a friend it was parked up 4 years ago all working but now won’t start I’ve put a new battery in the key and the locking works , I’ve put a new battery on the car to , anyone help ? I’ve done a BSI reset and had no luck , it’s says eco mode active climate control isn’t lit...
  16. Introductions
    Hi guys, I’ve recently bought a standard Peugeot 207 S. love the car but it has plastic rims. I am planning on purchasing some alloys but they’re off a 206. The alloys are in the pic. Will they fit?! Thanks in advance
  17. 206
    Can anyone help with this problem? My 2007 Peugeot 206 automatic has developed this really annoying habit of not starting - but not all the time. Today, I took it out for a drive and it started perfectly. Then I had to stop the car and, when I tried to start the engine...nothing. The battery is...
  18. 206
    Hello there, I got a 206 1.6hdi with ~110hp and i was wondering if there are any automatic gearboxes one can fit on it. The AL4 will die a miserable death if i try to run it on the car so if there are any other options please do share. Thank you.
  19. 206
    Hey all I’m hoping I can get some help ASAP, I decided to change my speakers in my 206 as I just bought it and the one wasn’t working - problem is I’ve taken it apart to find the adapter has 4 wires going in? 2 pink and 2 green! I was not expecting 4 wires as I was going to connect directly the...
  20. 206
    Anyone got a blue 206 GTI 180 for sale in UK? Don’t have a budget in mind but want something with 70k miles or less
1-20 of 58 Results