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  1. 206
    Hello guys.. I just recent bought a Peugeot 206 1.6 cc.. I had many cars and most of them was peugeot.. I am a Peugeot lover, my girlfriend have a Peugeot my brother have a Peugeot and my mum has a Peugeot I have convinced them to buy the peugeot car... Anyway I just recent bought a Peugeot 206...
  2. 207
    Hello, I just joined. I hope to find a solution. I just had trouble Automatic Gearbox AL4 Gear 1 to 2 jump. Peugeot 206+ or 207 Sedan TU5JP. 80Kilometers full history What I've done is Overhoul Gearbox. Replaced seal, automatic canvass, all bearings. Until I dismantled the hydraulic block and...
  3. 206
    I have tryed changeing the glow plugs, and removeing the code, but it reapears when i cold start my car. It doesnt have any problem starting, even in winter, but i just want the engine code to be gone. I cant locate the relay to test it, or the wirering.
1-3 of 3 Results