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  1. 5008 (2009-2016)
    How do I remove the media control panel? It's the square panel with dvd player and phone number pad. Also has satnav controls. I need to get behind it.
  2. 508 (2011-18)
    Hello to everyone, my first post on this forum. The challenge, a 2013 508gt. I have changed the pads on the car all round. The front pads came with a new brake pad wear sensor, for the life of me I cannot see where the 2 connectors can plug into. Looking everywhere on both left and right side of...
  3. 508 (2011-18)
    So, i took my car to the local dealership to replace the driver side xenon bulb. They replaced the bulb for 100Eur, but the car still did not get approved road safe because of a bad beam pattern. So, i took the car back to the dealership where they can not get it fixed (mmmmhhmm...), the best...
1-3 of 3 Results