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  1. 66 Plate with Low Miles Good or Bad

    2008 (2013-2019)
    Hi all, I'm looking at buying a used Peugeot 2008 (1.2 PureTech Active, 66 plate). This car has only done 15,000 miles and seems like a good deal at just under £8k. It's from an Evans Halshaw dealer it's actually from a Citroen place and from people's past experience with their Peugeot's do...
  2. Apple CarPlay

    2008 (2019+)
    Hi, I’ve just ordered a new e2008 GT and I was wondering if Apple CarPlay on the new 2008 can use wireless connectivity or if you have to plug it in to the USB port using a lightening cable? Thanks! Simon
  3. 6 month old 2008 or 3 year old 3008

    General Discussion
    After some opinions Have a budget of arounf £16k, for the money I could look at a 6 month old 2008 GT Line with under 4000 miles or a 3 year old 3008 Allure with 20,000 miles Would love to hear peoples thoughts on what is better value / better option, looking at Peugeot Approved Used so would...
  4. Help with Firmware Peugeot 2008

    General Discussion
    Hi everyone. I have a 2018 2008, and have recently updated the firmware as follows. System Version 076C HMI version 21.616.53.17.02 iMX version x0101189_190624_16.1B116.4 V850 version: W2.1_16.1S723.1 Android Auto is not working well and I wish to go back to the previous firmware. Can anybody...