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  1. 2007 207 1.6 hdi limp mode. Fixed

    Recently bought a 207 and after a few weeks of owning the car it's developed a problem. I'm fairly competent at fixing these things by myself but this has got me stumped. Its in limp atm and the fault reader is showing p0245. I've replaced the turbo pressure solenoid valve but no luck of...
  2. Updating 3008 2017+ new firmware update

    3008 (2017+)
    If i update latest firmware will it change to visual setting and i like to know with pictures. Old vs Whats news
  3. 1.6HDi heavy exhaust smoke when cold

    Hello folks, I decided to post about my brother's 2007 307 since he's too lazy to do anything about it. So the issue is when the car is cold, there's a extremly thick blue-white smoke with a very weird smell, somewhat like plastic, or just diesel. The smoke is there constatnly until the car...