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  1. 107
    Hi all, my daughter has just got a 107. On the outside of the windows there is a small piece of metal sticking out. I can see from photos of other cars this is a rubber/plastic 'bump' of some description and I've seen them on many cars. I want to know what they are called so I can source some...
  2. 107
    Hi there, Peugot 107 2011 lights problem - side lights back & front, reg light and dash light do not work. As they are on same fuse circuit, I changed the fuse. No change. It has been suggested it could be the indicator stalk and I should buy a new one to have replaced. But, I don't want to buy...
  3. 107
    Does anyone know where I can find the updated injectors for a 107 as I want to do a tune on the car but have been told that I need bigger injectors
  4. 107
    Heya everyone, We have a problem with the heater in our 2006 Peugeot 107! Simply put, it doesn't work at all. Turning the knob does nothing on every setting, be it speed, temperature, or functionality. Bearing this in mind, we tried a series of fixes to see if we could solve the issue. That...
  5. 107
    Hi Car passed mot the other day..but break pipe says corroded...I rang extended Peugeot warrenty day later and said they won't fix until it fails! As only corroded ..that not right's breaks ! Any advice please..also how much am in looking at to fix? Joey x
1-6 of 6 Results