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  1. 1007
    Hi, There are two types of gearbox selector for 2 Tronic: This type comes from 2006 P/N: 9648012480 This one is from 2007: P/N: 9680125380 I've noticed gearshift paddles are also different: 2006: 2007: As you can see, 2006 version is impossible to add cruise control, 2007 is fitted. Any...
  2. 1007
    Hello, i have trouble with my 1007 1.6 80kw 2-tronic. In this morning only cranks the engine and does not start it. Shows error code "P1702 ECU Shutdown phase (Power latch) Not Performedor Not Finished" . I would be very grateful if someone would share their experience in this situation :)
  3. 1007
    Hello. I recently bought 2008 year 1007 model 1.6 diesel engine. Few days ago, out of the sudden, screen started throwing braking system/esp/asr warnings with according lights. The system itself was working correctly. Brake fluid was on max. Those warnings were appearing and disappearing after...
1-3 of 3 Results