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  • goody ·
    Hi zooankski I have topped uo the particle diesel but I cant get reed of the error on the display can you help me I'm in ely cambs
    geegar ·
    hi zooankski,
    newbie to this forum looking for someone with planet in cambridge after reading some posts found that you live local to cambridge,
    anyway gor a peugeot 206 07 plate has had a front end bump and i belive that the inertia switch has cut in but its not the type near the passenger strut with red cap, its built into the ecu would you be able to come and reset it for me please as dont want to start repair until running again.


    axlemanrock ·
    Hi zooanski, i contacted you couple of years ago and you did diagnostic for me, i just changed fuel cap sensor and glow plugs and had eloys filled recently but have got unblock diesel filter messge on start up,
    used standard code reader and still got p1445 fault -last time we played with fuel sensor and you reset- i think fault is logged in memory and needs planet to reset? could you do this for me please? and are you still in cambridge area?
    Cheers Shane.
    edbailey ·
    hi zooankski,

    just visited Particle Filter DIY clean page and the link provided does not work?

    any chance you could repost it or send me a copy? it would be much appreciated

    ChrisF ·
    Hi Zooankski,

    I have had some trouble with my 307 recently - see this thread for gory details.

    Long-story-short: After having FAP additive refilled a few hundred miles ago, I still have 1 remaining fault P1445 (additive too high).
    I am concerned that this means that the car will not kick off a FAP regeneration.
    I would like to plug the car into a planet to

    a) see when the last regeneration happened
    b) if the FAP isn't being regenerated I would like to reset the FAP counters: the garage claims that they did this when they refilled the fluid and that I need a new ECU but I would like to retry resetting before replacing ECU.
    c) and/or take whatever advice you may have on the matter.

    How much do you typically charge?


    ejarin ·
    Hi is it poss to ask if u could help me switch my tape player to CD player with your software pls? Im in ipswich on sat so wondered if i could come by sat??Thanks Edmond
    martin78 ·
    Hi mate. Have some issues with my pug 407 2.0hdi 136bhp. Shows depoluttion system faulty. Car works fine, turbo is fine, no smoke no oil leaks. How can i get in touch with you and sort it out??? Already been to a garage and the guys seem to be from out of space when it comes to pugs :)Thanks
    cyrano732 ·
    Hi Zooankski!

    I've just bought a 2007 307cc, and like any car enthusiast, I call it my baby.

    I've always had cruise control in all my cars and I was quite disappointed that this one didn't. I bought everything necessary, (the stalk (without limiter), and the steering column cover with CC hole). I am able to fix them myself but I'm looking for someone with PP to activate the CC.

    Are you able to help me? I live in St Ives and I wouldn't mind coming down to yours.


    Cheers mate.
    dasdoolip ·
    Hi Zooankski, got your name from the PP thread.

    Just had a replacement coms unit fitted and am getting the ESP/ARS fault warning. Been told I need to get the coms unit calibrated?? and wondered if this was something you can do? If so how much does it cost?

    I live in Brentwood Essex and can drive up to Cambridge if it's something you could do.


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