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  • e2_nav ·
    Hi Windy,

    I was wondering if you can help with diagnosing a PUG 206, 2005? I have problem with my Pug 206 Petrol, 2005 plate with 23K on the clock. The car intermittently cuts out! Yesterday was driving it and it cut out, tried starting it wouldn't start, the Engine was turning but felt to me as if no petrol was going through, I'm not a mechanic! Went back to it and now it starts. This first occurred 6 months ago but it's fine since then until yesterday. Problem I have is - no mechanic / garage can find the issue or don't even want to look at it as it's an intermittent issue. Could it be electrical fault? Ive been informed need a proper Planet Pug diag on it. Can you help please?
    adamcu ·
    cheers buddy I have swapped the coils around but the fault is still there is there anything I need to do that you can think of ? sorry only just seen this
    adamcu ·
    hi windy I have a 2008 pug 308 1.6 petrol throwing up p1340 fault code ...I only have a shitty code reader ..not sure if you have any suggestions ?.... fan is over running ..engine is lumpy up to 1300rpm then smooths out ...swapped over the cam sensors and cleaned out the vvt actuators but still got the fault ...I live in hemel if you have any ideas
    goltho ·
    Morning. Just pursuing this issue re. a suitable OBD2 cable for reading EPROM etc. into software. I never intend to write with cheapy stuff, just get the PIN to then use with PP2000. Any clues? I've hit a wall. Thanks. :)

    Peugeot Parts Direct ·
    Hi Windy, as you are a moderator can you just confirm my account has been set up correctly, In the rules, it says vendors must have Vendor Status. Where would I find this? I pay for it and on my account, it says Site Supporter. Is that the same thing?

    lions-car ·
    Ninhuk ·
    Hi my wife 308 cc gt has boost problem, I have replace bov and still the same could you advice or could you guild me to the right direction of getting it fix.
    Fault code:

    Regard Ninh
    My mobile is 07939304858
    Dauntless ·
    Hi Windy,
    my peugeot 508 64 plate keeps displaying low tyre pressure warning. I've inflated the tyres, with the right more than the left, but the right keeps saying underinflated. Any ideas, suggestions? you can call me or text... 07913345110. Cheers
    Jimboy ·
    Hi .... I have an 2005 607 HDi 2.0 ..80k miles ..

    When the engine is cold it will not rev past 3000rpm ..And creates quite a lot of white smoke. When i first start the car when cold and go to maximum revs (which I know is not a good idea!) it will hold but then missfire and drop to 3000rpm .. When the engine gets to normal running temperature it runs fine with no hesitation at all ..

    I have also used a can of EGR cleaner directly in to the air intake manifold ...

    I have also changed the fuel filter,air filter,DMF and cam position sensor. .... I have had the pump checked for vacuum leaks and all pressures are fine.

    totally lost on what to do next !

    Any ideas ?

    I am based in Hemel ...My number is 07807226752

    Kind regards Jim
    OleBoots ·
    Hi Steve,
    You kindly helped me with a planet diagnostic a few years back. Do you still have it please? Ive just had an antipollution fault show up, in my Pug 307 (03 Plate) and the engine management light is on. I live in Welwyn, and think you're down the road in Wheathampstead from memory. Please let me know if you can spare me 10 or so, to help me with the fault code please.

    Please call or text me (anytime of day or night) on 07980 848333 to let me know please either way. I appreciate you're a very busy guy, and from memory think you worked as a safety consultant (unless I've got the wrong guy, sorry probably going a bit senile here lol)

    Many Thanks
    windy1603 ·
    I have been working on cars since I was about 6 as my granddad was a car mechanic and I always got involved. Owned loads of bikes since 17 and used to tune them for friends who used to proddy race. Worked at the Vauxhall plant in Luton for 10 + years doing major and minor mechanical and electrical repairs and fault finding to the production vehicles so therefore have a detailed knowledge of the workings of most modern petrol and diesel vehicles and therefore great diagnostic skills. I have Diagbox/Planet, and Vagcom Vauxcom so able to code read/code most vehicles
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