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  • romano_st ·
    Hi, i'v read that you can do vin to confidential code for fee, i would be very gratefull if you could do it as i bought 1007 without it and want to code spare key via pp2000 you can contact me if you like via my email [email protected]

    reghurj ·
    I replaced the steering column switch(Comms Unit) for my peugeot 308 HDi, After replacement, the airbag warning light is on. Any one know how to diagnose it or how to fix it.

    I replaced with a used part with OEM No - 96628726XT, but the actual part no was 96651590XT.

    Do I have to buy a replacement again with correct OEM no (96651590XT.) Or Do I need to reconfigure the comms unit ECU or BSI. Please guide me. Thank you.
    RIL+++ ·
    So I have lost all electronic keys to my Peugeot 308 1.6Hdi, ~2009 (or actually, the last key fell apart) and wonder if it's possible to get a new key to a reasonable cost, and if so, what info is needed to make a new key.

    I live in Gävle, Sweden.
    Kwakwa64 ·
    Hello! Mayby you can help. I have peugeot 407. 05 plate. (VF36DRHRH21305254) previous owner lost a key code. I cant make new key. I need new key, but I have not key code. I ask code in deler centr( i need appoitment and more then 60 pounds per code ). If you can help, how much cost? thank you
    stan21 ·
    Good Day Trust Me

    Please can you help.
    Is there a way i can test if my key transponder is working or not ?
    It is for a Peugeot 407 2006 hdi 2.7 coupe

    It seems like the BSI is not picking up the key (i get a n immobiliser fault error along with the key crossed out image)

    I will PM the VIN
    greekstalion ·
    Hi Trust me, I have a 308, 2013, CE0523, key fob. I need a new key for it, I have the key code, got it from Peugeot, Do you know how much a new key will cost. Dont need the programming, I can do this. Just the blade cut and supply the key case with the transponder.

    swampyrn ·
    Hi. I am after a spare key for a peugeot 107 urban lite with manual door locks. Where would be the best place to go. Regards. Ian
    Xor ·
    Hey there,

    i just registered because found your message here:
    Sadly I'm not able to direct message you. Mind tossing me your E-Mail in a message?

    Are you still providing Transponder/Key Codes for a small fee? If so, how much exactly is a "small" fee?

    I do own a Peugeot 307 Break, built in 2005, and would like to be able to get a 2nd key since it was sold with one working key only.
    tigs ·
    Hello Trustme, not sure if you can help, but trying to find someone who can help sort our a diagnosis issue with an engine management light on a 5008, 60 reg that is saying issues with a turbo and local garages in Winsford, Cheshire area are saying they cannot repair and take to a main dealer.
    Do you know of anyone local who could help recommend someone other than a main dealer who could look at the car.
    Thanks for your help.
    racingrambo ·
    Hi Trustme,Another senior member suggested that you can help with my problem below.
    Can you please? I am in North London.

    I own a 2007, 307 1.6 Sport petrol. A year ago the key would not start the car with the message Anti-theft device faulty. Managed to open the key fob and put it back and the car started. It happened again couple of weeks ago and left the key in the ignition (off) and opened the drivers door to see if I got a beep warning and it did. Again, I opened the key fob sprayed it with WD40 & put it back and the car started. Yesterday, it did the same thing and now it would not recognise the key in the ignition and the fault message is constantly on. I can open and close the doors with the remote. Can anyone help me please. Unfortunately, I lost the spare key but have the code card. I am trying not to go to the main dealer. Thanks
    OllieNZ ·

    I think I've got a knackered key for my 2006 807, in hunting for a solution I came across one of your posts where you mention finding the stock keyfobs unreliable and you use an aftermarket alternative. Do you sell virgin keys (4 button 2 chip stock)? Are you able to do vin to pin? I'm in Oxfordshire so a bit far away to bring the car to you but I do have my own pp2k setup.


    Raid ·
    Hi Trustme,
    I purchased a Peugeot 308 2010/11 for my daughter. I don't know much about them and I'm having a few problems with the keys/locks
    I have one fob key & one normal key they both start the car & the remote opens the car but neither will go all the way in & open the driver's door manually.
    I have VIN/Engine & DAM No. I can't bring the vehicle to you, I'm O/S, however can you provide any information why the drivers door lock doesn't work and a price for;
    1. retrieving the key codes
    2. supplying and fob key cut & programmed
    csalavr2 ·

    I have a 307 1.6 petrol 2002. I bought the car in not starting mode. The owner told me as his wife left the ignition on and drained the battery. They tried to jumpstart and draw the car and a couple of other things like spray and other horrors :). Hovever i bought a matching bsi and ecu ,key transponder combo because after towing to peugeot service they told me that they cant fixit. After installing the old/new parts the car started and runs good but the instrument panel is not working is just showing some faults and stop light flashing abs, airbag, esp etc. After puting on pp2000. I have a couple faults like bsi not communicating to instrument panel, door module not answering, central lock work only with physical key. Can you suggest something how to fix this? thank in advance
    sludd ·
    Hi Trustme

    Hope you don't mind me contacting you.

    My dad got out of his 307HDi (2009) at home today after a short journey and went into the house. About 5 minutes later he came back out and saw that the window wipers were going and the headlights were on, but he hadn't switched either of them on in the car. He tried to start the car but it wouldn't start. A little while later the car started OK and both wipers and lights were off again.

    We're hoping for a bit of advice if this is a known fault, perhaps with the COMM 2000 or there might be something else you could point us towards.

    I'm thinking there might not be a fault code stored if he took it to a garage locally as it has only happened once and seems to have reset itself.

    He doesn't want to take any chances in case the fault returns as he relies on the car to pick his grandson up from school each day.

    Any help gratefully received


    Bobbyb.1 ·
    Hello, I've just purchased a 2004 407 executive. The key fobs looks like they will fall apart any minute and of course I don't have the card supplied with the car. Would you be able to do a couple of new key fobs and how much would they cost? Many thanks Bobby
    amjad ·
    I have Peugeot 307 2005,
    I have VIN number, and I want to make a spare key with remote.
    I saw your posts in Peugeot forum that you have service for this. Could you please tell me if this is possible and how much does it cost.
    my VIN: VF33CNFUK5S824081
    sHeBz74329 ·
    Hi buddy. I understand you are from Bradford as am I. I have a Peugeot 807 for the wife and needed a spare key. I don't know the immobiliser code and was hoping you could help?? Thank you
    vodka007 ·
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