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  • TazR6 ·
    Did the rear bushes last weekend.
    It feels stiffer, but it could well be the placebo effect.
    I think that you are right in that replacing one thing can show up degradation in others. My thought are that if one thing is shot, other things will be too, so it is worth changing everything associated.
    As for aligning the rear end, it is simple. It can easily be done alone, but with most things, an extra pair of hands can come in handy.
    I did not actually remove it in full though, as I could not be bothered to go round bleeding brakes again etc, so I just loosened everything up, and dropped the axle on two jacks. Enough to give me room to get to the ends to pound the old mounts out, but not enough to put any strain on the stuff still connected.
    britinbe ·
    I did the shocks and springs about 5 years ago, but didn't replace the mounts....they seemed ok at the time. I regret not doing it now....but you live and learn. I decided to fit new front shocks at the same time given the relatively small cost, I've ordered some Sachs ones from Germany. Sachs shocks in general seem to get a good write-up and seem to be better than the Monroe ones that are currently fitted

    For the rear bushes, the bit that concerns me is dropping the sub-frame and being able to get it back on and aligned. I've read the guide that is on the forum and I'm probably over thinking it.

    For the gearbox mount, I made sure the gearbox is tight against the underside of the mount and torqued the central stud to spec to make sure there is no knocking, else the gear box may still sway. It's a really flimsy design IMO
    britinbe ·
    I ended up having to change the gearbox mount. I bought a patterned one and after doing the bottom mount, it seemed to complain when I had to accelerate hard up a steep on-ramp to the motorway. I thought the inner CV joint on the LHS had gone, but both shafts are reconned and have about 10,000km on them. I replaced the mount with another patterned one.....a better brand though. It felt better this morning.

    It appears, and make sense, that replacing the rubbers exposes and puts more pressure on the older ones. I will do the strut mounts in the coming couple of weeks, I just received a new Draper spring compressor kit to make the job easier and safer. I'm thinking I may as well replace the shocks whilst I'm at it.

    Did you get the rear bushes changed? Improved ride and handling?

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