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  • pug_leg ·
    Hi rwb, I've stumbled across your details on the Peugeot Planet map. I've got a Peugeot Expert (2016 on) and am planning to replace the stereo with a later generation factory unit. I've looked in to how to code it the new stereo to the VIN but most of the Diagbox units dont seem to cover the new generation Expert. Just wondered if you had any experience coding the newer Peugeot vehicles? Kind regards
    Igor D ·
    Thank you.
    I emptied my message box, is there more vin info?
    Im looking for info about additional equipement and adio unit to see what i have installled.
    I bought used car and i dont now trims installed.
    ces1945 ·
    Thanks for your reply, I have the bushes but not sure about the bracket set up and how to release it to replace bushes any suggestions would be if possible.regards ces.
    Mike Noc ·
    Many thanks for the reply Richard. I have tried to reply by PM, but apparently I haven't posted enough for it to send.

    It is my Partner's Son's van and whilst I have been at work today he got it to a local Independant garage who have told him the BSI has failed and needs to be replaced.

    I did check it out when he got back home on Wednesday night and it was completely dry, so there has been no water damage. I also tried a battery off reset as per the instructions on the forum, but to no avail.

    Does anyone repair these units? They seem very expensive to buy new from Peugeot.


    Mike Noc ·
    Hi, We have a Partner van which won't start, and looks it like has a BSI problem - indicators, interior heater blower, wipers,etc not working.
    Do you do call outs? we are in Bordon Hants.


    watto ·
    Hi mate i was wondering if you could plug your machine into my 2012 308sw plz ? i have a post on the 308 forum which explains my problem , basicly i had a message saying dpf fluid low , ive topped it up and took to my local garage but they couldnt clear the faults .. could you help plz ?
    regards Paul
    Lucas2016 ·
    Hi, I have a 307 hdi 1.6 110bhp, it no lights on but max 2500revs, would it be possible to get codes read please? I can get over to Basingstoke
    2shay ·
    Thanks for the reply much appreciated I will be with you tomorrow not sure what time it will be around 3-4 ish is there a number I can contact you on if I get there a bit earlier

    Many thanks
    2shay ·
    Hi sorry can't pm you I put it back together today and drove it back home from work and it still the same eml still on and limp mode won't go over 3000 rpm don't know if you can help I would be very grateful many thanks shane
    2shay ·
    Hi sorry to bother you but could you have a look at my van I've disconect egr and I'm getting engine management light on and gone into limp home mode I'm in Southampton and can travel to Basingstoke many thanks Shane
    T96z ·
    Alright mate, I was wondering if you could reset my dpf additive counters? I'm in Portsmouth but willing to drive up to Basingstoke. If you could send me a PM. Cheers, Lee.
    Carolwellham ·
    Hi. Sorry to bother you again but hubby has asked if you could possibly pop back over to us as the car has again broken down and he hasn't got a clue what's wrong with it now
    Many thanks carol
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