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  • hucanda ·
    và mở học kế toán thuế
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    Bạn cần tìm học kế toán thực hành
    hucanda ·
    tìm ngay dịch vụ thành lập doanh nghiệp
    bạn cần dịch vụ làm lại con dấu
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    goltho ·
    Morning, is it the OBDSTAR F108+ that you have for code reading? I'm currently looking at it with some indecision. Thanks.
    jmcc ·
    hello reliable, i have bought a 2005 pug 307 1.6 petrol. it has a few service stamps in the book but as it has 87500 on the clock and no mention of it having had the cam belt changed, i was thinking it should get done to be on the safe side, as i have no way of knowing if it was done. are you a mechanic or do you know of one ( a reliable one ) who would do the job for me. this is my first pug and it seems like they have a lot of electrical probs with them. also this pp equipment that you have, apart from me having to replace the battery, but i didn't know about this bsi reset thing, i just changed the battery as in old school, it didn't seem to make any difference, my car seems to be running ok. do you think i ought to get it on pp, and if so would you be able to do it. i live in falkirk. i am new to the forum and pugs and just looking for a little guidance. hope you can give me some good advice. cheers
    smiggypitbul ·
    hi i got your name through the map on the forum,my 307 was put on a delphi diagnostics machine and it threw up a whole load of fault codes and ive been advised to get it on a peugeot planet? was wondering if you could help? thanks in advance
    ilton38 ·
    I have a 5008 1.6hdi 2010, a airbag/seatbelt pretensioner warning light has been on dash for a while now, i have tried to read code using cheap code reader from ebay but it shows nothing, is their anything else i can try before booking it in as MOT is due soon i believe this will cause it to fail.

    Thanks Paul
    chalkhills ·
    I'm looking for someone nearby (I'm in the Campsies) who could help (paid help) me re-enable my central locking 'plipper'.

    All was working well until I disconnected the battery this morning. Now the car starts fine but the remote key fob no longer works. I've tried all the pairing procedures offered on the web to no avail.

    I understand that you have peugeotplanet and may be able to help.

    If you could I'd be really grateful if you could get in touch. either by email


    davie78 ·
    hi reliable.
    I have a 2002(52) 307 2.0hdi 110,having probs with minimum level fault codes, (tank is over 3quarters full) anti pollution fault and car has been in limp mode for some time,hoping I could maybe get the car to you if you could help.
    thanks, Davie
    shuggie1977 ·
    Hi reliable
    I have bought a cruise control stalk for my wife's 307 and was wondering if you would be able to activate it with Peugeot planet. It's a 2005, 2.0 hdi and has the right type of steering column (I've done a trial fit and it plugs straight in). Would you be willing to help? If so what are your rates?
    Thanks, Shuggie.
    dez68 ·
    hi reliable,
    have a problem with 206 I just bought 10 days ago and was wondering if you could help
    alistair4287 ·
    Hi Reliable, I have just fitted a towbar with dedicated electrics to my 59 plate 407 and it says that it needs coding, would you be able to run this on your system? Many thanks
    marchie1053 ·
    Hi Reliable

    I joined the Forum in mid-December after burying my 406 and replacing it with a 3008. I stay in Burntisland and use a local general garage for servicing. Do you carry out servicing for Forum Members or do you prefer to keep to Forum advice and Diagnostic checks? With a new car, I hope not to need advice and assistance just yet but I don't want to start posting "Urgent - need help in next 15 minutes" type messages - I prefer to know in advance where to turn for guidance!


    Steve March (marchie 1053)
    lcowner ·
    Hi mate thanks for your advice on my 307 ref jumped timing,following your advice I took rocker cover off and ALL the rockers are broke,can u advise me whether to replace and put timing belt kit on or to delve deeper? Thanks again paul
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