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  • stumac1506 ·
    Hi Phil,

    Would tomorrow (Tuesday) be Ok for you? If so, text me your post code on 07766 398281. Could you please also let me know how much



    Hi Stu,
    yes I can do a diagnostic for you, I am available evenings this week apart from Wednesday. Any time after 5pm.


    Hi Phil,

    I have a 2007 307 2.0. HDi which is displaying Depollution System Fault, and the engine management is on. Would you do a diagnosis for me please. I am in West Brom during the week but can come to you evenings, if that’s easier.


    alX84 ·
    Hi Phil,
    I urgently need a DPF counter reset on a 2015 expert van. Could you help?
    My number is: 07413116615, or please feel free to PM me yours.

    Hope to hear back from you soon!
    raiderturbo ·
    Hi Phil,

    I've just bought a 207 GTi and I'm getting the de-pollution fault. Is there any chance you could look at it for me (I'm in Bewdley)? Happy to pay for your time of course.

    My number is: 07756624286, or please feel free to PM me yours.

    Hope to hear back from you soon!
    TezLaw ·
    Hi Phil I have a 2016 3008 suffering front and rear parking sensors not working. Its been suggested if one sensor fails they all stop, and it would be wise to get somebody with a Peugeot Planet could tell me which one is faulty. Is this something you could help with?
    Flattire ·
    Hi I have a 207 hdi 110 that's idlin sluggish and cuts out whenever I have changed crank sensor but to no avail can you help please
    308 mk 2 use ·
    Hi there i have a 2014 308 and its had a new air con compressor fitted by me and re gassed, can you tell me if it needs any BSI or ECU reset and if your able to do this ?? many thanks !
    Paxmanmerv ·
    Hey Phil!
    Got a little 207 here thats giving me grief.
    Non starter, got EM codes galore, BIS makes no difference.
    Any chance you could have a ride out to Kersoe, near Evesham with your Peugeit Machine & try & help me out here.
    Many thanks,
    [email protected]
    JammyC ·
    Thank for your help with PP2000 Phil.

    I found the guide I was referring to. Does this sound like what we found last night?....

    Go into Test by ECU--BSi Built in System Interface--miscancellous the scroll down until you see "Presence of Cruise control-Limiter" open that you should have these options:
    Cruise control without limiter Type 1
    Cruise control without limiter Type 2
    Cruise control with Speed limiter.
    Then select the Type1 w/o limiter.
    Then go into your approciate engine ECU, in my case the Bosch EDC16, then into Configuration, scroll down until you see Cruise Control. open that it should be set to Absent, change the setting to Present, and press F1 to accept the changes. if cruise is not listed, then your Engine ECU is not supporting activation of cruise control.
    if you can successfully activate Cruise in both BSi and Engine ECU. and check the brake and cluth switch are in place then you can go buy the cruise stalk.
    JammyC ·
    Hi Phil,
    Would you be able to help me by using your Peugeot Planet tool to check whether Cruise Control can be enabled on my 2005 206 please? I've seen guides for how to enable it and I've checked that mine does have necessary clutch and brake switches, I just need to make sure the ECU and BSi can allow cruise control to be enabled.
    I'm in Lichfield and can drive down to you ideally one afternoon or evening early next week?

    Appreciate any help, cheers, Jamie
    cezary ·
    Hello mate I am looking for someone who can activate AUX1/2 and CD changer ports on my RD4 radio in 407.
    Are you gonna be albe to help me and when?
    greenbottle ·
    Hi Phil, hope you can help. I've had the dreaded 'depollution system faulty' message. Are you still able to do the Planet Diagnostics?
    ennhaych ·
    Hi Phil, sorry to bother you but I've seen you're on the list for diagnostics checks and I'm in desperate need of one. Happy to pay for your services if you're able to help.
    KDM ·
    Today's a writeoff for me, thanks. I'm gonna take the car to my usual mechanic tomorrow to check out the suspension. I haven't yet bought the aux audio adapter, nor figured out how to remove the head unit. Does that matter? Could we maybe take a look tomorrow afternoon, please?
    KDM ·

    Sorry about posting as a visitor post, but it seems I'm not allowed to PM. Please feel free to delete.

    I've just bought a 207. I think you might be able to help me on a couple of fronts. I understand you own a piece of kit which can (first) give me a substantially better report of the condition of the car than a dealer and (second) switch on the aux input of teh entertainment system.

    The car is warning me that the diesel particle filter might block up. This happened the day after I bought it. The dealer must've known about it. I'll take it a good hard run today and see if it regenerates, but I'm also told that it might be and "end of life" warning with nothing wrong with the DPF.

    Hoping you are able / willing to steer me.

    Could we meet up at some point to take a look, please? Will happily cover the cost of your time.

    Many thanks.
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