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  • Bravosolo ·
    Hi Paul,

    I'm from Colombia - Bogota
    My car is a Peugeot 406 ST model: 1996, 2.0 cc, 16 valves fuel injection
    Can you please tell me what is the best of software to my car please? PP2000 or Diagbox? Wich version?
    God bless you
    gazbe1975 ·
    Hi Paul,

    I have been reading through your thread in relation to updating the maps / speed cameras on your 308. I have just bought a 2015 Allure & when I check the software/maps it appears that they are out of date.
    Software: SMEG5.2.A.R9 CD:26028 Dated 03-09-14
    Bluetooth: 1.2.0 CD:26028 Dated 03-09-14
    Map version: DbDw_281/Gr_406 CD: 26028
    Display version: 31.1 CD: 26028 Dated 03-9-14

    Would your files be able to update these? My maps doesn't appear to show any speed cameras so would the new files add this functionality?

    Sorry for the long message
    Watty H ·
    Hi Paul,
    I wonder if you could point me in the direction to find the latest SMEG firmware for a 2013 308? It's for a colleagues car at work which is playing silly buggers with him.
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