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  • 2637steve ·
    hi, i am having a problem with my 207 stalling when cold, someone pointed me in your direction and wondered if you could help with a planet/diagbox to maybe see what was wrong? the mechanic i use could see the problem during the MOT
    rboteler ·
    Hi, I have just installed an aux adapter into my 207 and guess what I need Peugeot Planet to enable it. Im also based in Brackley so perhaps we can exchange a beer for the unlock?

    Thanks v much, Rob ([email protected])
    rosylyn ·
    hi i have a Peugeot 306 1.4 1998. i have an idle problem i have fitted new idle value unit .new cat,new spark plugs and air filter but emissions is still high i have 10 days left for mot retest. any help would be great.

    thank you lynda

    my email is [email protected]
    aspinex ·
    Hi. I wonder if you may help me with a problem I have with my 2006 Peugeot 407 SW diesel automatic with 110 000 on the clock. It has been regularly serviced (last one about 5000 miles back.
    About 10 times over the past month and normally when sitting in traffic power goes but engine stick works. It then will only crawl along in gear at about 3 mph. If I then put it in neutral or park and keep pressing the accelerator power returns and it then drives normally again. This happened again the other night immediately following a 20 mile motorway journey when I stopped at traffic lights at end of a slip road. No warning lights come up at all.
    Is it possible that you could Peugeut Planet to find out what is going on--it has completely flumuxed my local garage.
    my email address is [email protected]
    Thank you
    JacquiG ·
    Hi I'm new to all this but need some advice if you could please? I have a 206 Peugeot deisel urban HDI 1.4 that is really confusing me it wants to start but just can't go the last bit and get going - well sometimes!! I've been reading others problems and it looks like I could do with a diagnostic but unsure how to go about - think my key fob is not working right also as it sometimes clicks the locks other times it just flashes at me!! Any time you could spare with some advice would be most appreciated thanks Jacqui
    liamsonline ·
    Sorry mate I can't send private messages until I have 20 posts. But yeah I would still like the aux port doing if possible mate. Cars split an oil feed at the moment and once that's done i can make it to brackley but it's what's easiest for you mate
    liamsonline ·
    Hi there, I have brought a aux box from peugeot and they failed to tell me I need it coding to the car and have seen you have the planet peugeot or whatever it is lol. Was just wondering I'm in Bicester and was seeing what you would charge or want if you are able to code it for me. I have a 2007 207 gti.

    Kind regards, liam
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