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Default Coolant draining


I noticed yesterday my heater was not coming on, it was blowing air, but not hot air. I checked the water/coolant in the reservoir it hissed before draining all the contents upon opening the cap. I had hoped that filling it back up would resolve the issue.

It now looks as though when I try and top it up, the water drains immediately. I can't see any leak either? It seems to be running through the reservoir and elsewhere without spilling - Any ideas?

I am assuming that I should not drive the car, as I have read it may now cause damage to the engine.

Another long standing issue, is that the oil light comes on when you start the car. It goes off soon after, and checking frequently has shown it has ample oil. Assume the 2 issues are not connected, but thought I'd include for greater information.

Any help would be appreciated very much


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Old 08-01-16, 10:06 AM   #2
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Hi Tom

1) Water Leak: When you say it hissed and poured it all out, had the car been runnig for a while and was hot, or was it cold and not running? If the car had been running , it is normal for pressure to be there. Which is why you should never open the header tank cap when engine is warm. Let it cool down and then open it.

Let the engine cool down, then pour water in the tank until it is sitting at the min level with engine cold. Then start her up and watch the level. Does it disappear immediately? If it does, stop the engine, and pour some more water in until the level doesn't go below the min level and sits there. close the cap. Let the car warm up, you need to find the bleed screws for the coolant and let the air out. If you don't know how to do this, you might be better off asking a local garage to check this our for you.

The car not blowing hot air, could be sign of 2 things:

1) airlock in the system so that the coolant is not circuklating properly.
2) No water in the system.

If you have been driving with no water in the car and car over heated, then you may have done some damage to the engine ( blown the head gasket).

If the car is losing water and you can't see it leak from anywhere, then again it can be a sign of headgasket problems.

As suggested, I don't advice driving the car until the issue is resolved as you could end up doing more damage if there is a problem with leak or otherwise.

2) Oil light: Can you elaborate more. This light is Oil pressure light and not Oil level light. Generally in cars, the red signs are danger signs and yellow are warning. If you see a red light coming on when driving, you should immediately pull over and stop the car at the safest and earliest opportunity. With amber lights it is more off a warning to say something is not quite right. Level sensors are normally orange where as pressure sensors are red.

The oil pump is mechanical and only runs with the engine running. So when you first put key in the ignition, it is normal for the OIL pressure light to be on when engine is not running. ONce engine started, it can take a second or 2 for the oil light to go out. Are you saying this light is staying on more than couple of seconds or even it comes on sometime when driving? If so, it could be sign of a oil pump failure or a blocked pick up pipe for the oil pump. THese feed from bottom of the sump and if you have lots of crap at the bottom of the sump, it is likely it is being blocked. Another reason could be a blocked oil filter. When was the last time car was serviced?
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Hi, Many Thanks for your help.

The car was warm following a short journey when the coolant hissed and drained yes.

I had look at it this morning, and when I topped it up with water, it remained in the reservoir (which it had not done previously) Although it was only water (not water & anti freeze) it also became slightly colored, as it has been when I've checked in previously, before the problem surfaced.

I just tried starting the engine as you suggested, and the water remained in the reservoir.

In regards the oil light, It runs the diagnostic at start up and prompts you that the oil pressure is low. The light disappears and does not return. I've found the dipstick to be hard to read, but I am fairly sure it has ample oil in at the moment.

The car was serviced in September 2015, so 3 months ago.

Any ideas ?
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Old 08-01-16, 10:44 AM   #4
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No problem.

As regards to coolant:
what I would do if I were you before adding any anti freeze, is to top it up and make sure level doesn't drop any more. Then close the cap, start her up and let her idle for 5 minutes or so until it is getting warm. Then look and find the bleed nipple and let the air out.

Then test and make sure the level doesn't drop anymore and you have warm air out of your heater. If the level starts to drop then you have a problem.

As regards to the oil pressure: I have read somewehre that if non geniune oil filters are used, it can effect the pressure. Not sure, but it might be worth a try? If the garage servicing it used non gen filter, then that might be the cause?

Apart from that, the only other option is to drain the oil, take off the sump and make sure all pipes and ... are clear. Or you could run an engine flsh through the car, do an oil and filter change and see what happens before taking off the sump?

Did it do that before it was serviced? If not, you can always go back to the garage and let them take a look, the garage that serviced the car.
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Hi, I could have missed the point here but can you explain the car engine size, diesel...etc?
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