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Old 24-07-18, 07:16 PM   #1
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Default "Antipollution faulty", 300 km from home.


Have a rather big problem, I am 300 km from home and my Peugeot 307 started to show "Anti-pollution faulty" and the exhaust emission light turned on, not only the warning triangle.
The car lost alot of power, this was after 900 km highway driving with an average speed of around 95 km/h for the last 900 km.

Have had the warning of "risk of filter blocking".

Have diagbox tools with me so I investigated and found that I got P1351 and P0402, where P1351 is the glow plugs and this one I know from before. However, P0402 is new and diagbox says:

"P0402 : Air circuit
Characterisation : air flow lower than recommended
Status : intermittent .
Location : local
Variables associated with the fault
Engine speed : 2634 rpm
air flow per cylinder : 0482 mg/stroke
EGR valve position : 089 %
output injected : 020 mg/stroke
air flow setting : 741 mg/stroke"

Looking at the Particle filter emissions I see a filter load of 78 %, I think that this is triggering the antipollution faulty message? Because the load is above 75 %?
"Distance travelled since last regeneration: 385 km.
Average distance between regenerations over the last 5 cycles: 231 km".

My hypothesis here is that the filter load triggers the faulty antipollution message which also triggers that the turbo is turned off so the wastegate is kept open. This would also explain the loss of power and therefore extremly slow acceleration. This in term maybe triggers the fault code P0402 where it is not aware of the open wastegate and therefore the pressure in the exhaust should be higher than it is and this results in a lower pressure difference over the EGR valve which triggers the lower air flow than expected. I guess that it is the air flow over the EGR valve that the fault code is about after some googling. (However, in my opinion the egr valve calculated flow should account for the requested wastegate position so it would not trigger it like this).
With the particle filter blocked the exhaust pressure should get higher and I guess that this would result in higher EGR flow than expected?

I need some help with the thoughts on what to do here.
- Drive the last 300 km home and hope that it makes a successful regeneration? Risk: Particle filter gets blocked and damage other components as the engine/turbo?
- See if some autoshop has a time for either fault finding and replacement of parts. Before driving anymore with the car.
- Because of the distance home and the availability of parts like particle filter, mechanic last minute, and really need to get home tomorrow, check with an autoshop if they can dismantle the particle filter and flush it, drill it or something? Then change particle filter when I get home.

Should I think anymore of the P0402 fault code or is it just a consequence of the particle filter load?

Anyone having any advice? Have a some panic how I will get home
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Old 24-07-18, 07:26 PM   #2
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Antipollution is just a MESSAGE it is NOT an actual fault

From what you say your DPF is clogged and this could well be the issue but you need to figure out WHY it is clogged as if you are doing regens every 300km or so it should not be at 78%

Your low airflow is not really anything to do with EGR valve it is more than likely the ecu has shut off the turbo due to backpressure in the exhaust and THIS is why you have the low airflow.

Unplug airflow sensor and it will probably drive better and when you get home remove DPF wash it out and then check ALL parameters to do with DPF including fluid levels.

Dont drill it dont replace it washing IS all it needs.
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assume nothing check everything twice !!
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Old 24-07-18, 07:41 PM   #3
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Join Date: Jun 2017
Posts: 28

Thank you reliable406, then we are on the same page regarding the fault code 🙂 just google that tricked me with EGR flow 😉

Will see if any mechanic have time for a flush of the particle filter tomorrow, otherwise I hope that it succeedes with a filter regeneration rather quick tomorrow and holds all the way home 🙂
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Old 27-07-18, 10:33 AM   #4
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Join Date: Jun 2017
Posts: 28

Made it home, it regenerated at 92 % filter load down to 0 %.

However, the air flow fault code appeared again during the same operating point as before around 120 km/h. ( 30 % filter load.)
I believe the restriction through the particle filter is too high, making the pressure drop over the turbine at high flows too low for the turbo to work properly.

Have checked with different workshops and this is not a cheap fix, due to my living situation I do not have the ability to lift the car to gain access to the filter.
Is there something I can do without the need to remove the particle filter?

My car is a Peugeot 307, [3E], 1.6 HDi, 9HZ (DV6TED4), Year: 2007.
Chassi no: VF33E9HZC84974844

1. Forced regeneration, through diagbox. Is this something that could help?
What is needed?
I get the question if I have an Diesel Additive ECU, but I do not know. I only get "Communication Error" with "Diesel additive".
With the "Diesel additive adding pump" i get "POMPE_MUX_MGI".
How is the engine oil affected by this? Could I pour DPF cleaner fluid in the tank and then do the forced regeneration?

2. When talking to workshops, some only clean the filter when it is still attached to the car, it sounded like they fill the filter with some cleaning solution and then cycle the car for a while. Is this effective or is it better to just change the filter directly?

3. Another solution would be to order parts online and just let a mechanic replace it, but what parts do I need? Does anyone know the OEM number?
Is it particulate filter and some gasket that needs to be replaced?

- Did some more troubleshooting, through diagbox it says that it still has 780 ml of additive left so 39 %.
- Searched for the "Fuel cap present" parameter could not really find it. Searched in the BSI and found under "locking and unlocking", "Fuel filler cap", "This version of the ECU does not let you display this screen" when I tried to watch that parameter.
- Tried to investigate if I have a seperate ECU for the additive or if it is integrated into the BSI, found in the BSI under the parameters: "ECU Present": Diesel fuel additive module: 0 ('ABSENT').
- Searched for the additive ECU under the steering wheel (Driver side is the left side of the car, Sweden. ) and did not find anything but don't really know what I'm looking for here and where.
- If the additive ECU is not working, well I guess that this could be a reason to the "risk of filter blocking" message.

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Old 30-07-18, 08:21 AM   #5
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Join Date: Jun 2017
Posts: 28

Have more or less given up on this fault.
Have searched for the additive ecu but hard to find when I don't really know where to look and what to look for, and don't even know if I have one.
Checked all the fuses and they are all working, also used some contact spray with no success.

Booked troubleshooting at my peugeot dealer, unfortunately 8 days from now.
They thought I would get my answers as soon as they just plug in their computer. So it won't hopefully cost that much.
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Old 08-08-18, 08:44 AM   #6
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Join Date: Jun 2017
Posts: 28

Got the car back yesterday just wanted to update what the peugeot mechanic did.

The particle filter warning message was just preprogrammed interval for when the particle filter needs replacing. Their solution was to just let the car believe it got a new particle filter.

Regarding the P0402 code, the mechaninc found a bad seal between inlet and compressor outlet. He believed that this was the reason for this fault code, that at high boost pressure it would leak, seems reasonable.

However, they could not tell me if I had a seperate ECU for the additive or if it was built into the BSI. They hade no idea what I was talking about. Even though as soon as I try to do something with diagbox I must answer the question if I have a seperate additive ECU or not.
Still got communication error with the additive ECU, but I guess this is not a problem because Peugeot never mentioned it even.
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Old 08-08-18, 04:23 PM   #7
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If your DPF is regenerating as you say then no point in worrying about it if the dealer has told it it has a new one it should be happy.

If you still have an issue its probably not the DPF causing it.
assume nothing check everything twice !!
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Old 08-08-18, 05:58 PM   #8
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If the car has EDC16 engine ecu the additive function is integrated into the ECU
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Old 14-08-18, 07:37 AM   #9
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Join Date: Jun 2017
Posts: 28

Missed these answers, apologize for this.

It has EDC16 so then it is integrated in the ECU, thank you windy1603.

P0402, has come back at the same operating point and for the third time at EGR Position 89 %.
When I have time I will remove the EGR Valve and see if it works as it should, if it gets stuck to wide it would also explain why the MAF value is lower than expected (Even though I think that if the EGR valve position is not correct it should throw an fault code for this, because I guess that the servo has feedback of the position so it should be able to detect if it gets stuck).
I'm not as worried for a clogged particle filter any longer even though the back pressure from the particle filter if it is clogged should be able to push more exhaust gases than expected though EGR valve but I think that a clogged particle filter should throw other fault codes as well, it should have some diagnostics with the differential pressure sensor.

When I remove the EGR Valve I'm thinking of also taking care of the glow plugs, anyone know where it is possible to search which OEM Numbers the glow plugs have? Or which ones I should have, have tried different sites but they say that different glow plugs fit but the dimensions is not the same.
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Old 15-08-18, 04:57 PM   #10
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Antipollution is a generic message and could mean anything.

You had a successful regen, so overdue regen is not the problem.

The additive is a catalyst that lodges in the for where it reduces the temperature at which the spot burns. However, during a regen the additive does not burn off and so eventually the filter becomes clogged with additive. PP2k will tell you how much additional is in the filter; I do not know what the limit is.

It seems ill advised to tell the car that but has a new filter when in fact it does not.
407 2.2 HDi & CitroŽn C6
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