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I enquired with my local Peugeot dealer about a spare keyless fob when I first got my 2013 SW. We were heading into the 200 - 250 region so I just decided I would be careful. I also got myself a day glow red silicon skin for 8 on ebay.
There are several available but the nicest one came all the way from Australia.
If I were you I'd walk round the house having loud conversations about going to the Peugeot dealer to get a new fob. Then the old fob will come out of hiding.
In my experience the car won't even start if the fob is in my leather jacket pocket in the boot, unless the seats are down that is. One further thing, if I put my jacket in the boot without unlocking the car I can't then open the car on the door handles. I have to get the fob out.

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