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I took delivery of my new Peugeot 508, 1.6 180BHP S/S Automatic, GT Line in June this year and it's had a few recalls, some of which I've had to take back after delivery.

The following is what's happened to mine.

Before delivery:
- A plate needed replaced behind the dashboard, this is accessed through the glove box and that's the only piece of dashboard that is taken out.
- 3 software updates, 1 I found out was due to the rear lights not as bright as what they should be.

Post delivery:
- Suspension struts at the front of the car, bolts weren't tightened to the correct level.
- Monogram replaced, this is to do with the GT Line badges, they could come off. Something to do with the wrong glue used. My car needs to go back for this as the garage didn't have the GT Line stickers in stock to replace.

One thing I have noticed that still isn't fixed is the climate control function. When in Mono mode you can't change the temperature to make both sides the same when your driving. If you're stationary it's the same. The only way to fix it is to change the passenger side temperature, which turns off Mono, go into climate settings and turn Mono back on and it works perfectly. You need to do this every time you get into the car. I noticed this in 2 demo cars I had, my 2 mates have 508s as well with the same issue. So I'm guessing another software issue and will be resolved soon.
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