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Default Observations of a Traveller

Hi all, first proper post about my Traveller Business VIP 2.0 Standard.

I have had the car for almost 8 weeks now and clocked up 3000 miles of mainly Motorway and A roads, and find the vehicle to be very comfortable and very quiet and refined when cruising. I love the versatility of this vehicle, it is the six seater so, although the seats are heavy, one person can remove them. I have used it as Saturday night Pub transport, all seats out for a tip run, and two rearmost seats out to get Mountain Bikes in, wonderful.
The steering I have gotten used to but it took a while as my previous car was a Ford Focus ST 2.0 Turbo Petrol with quick steering. (The only things I miss are the performance and the Recaro seats)
I have a couple of issues, which could be normal for this vehicle, that hopefully others can guide me on.
The engine is very smooth and vibration free normally but, in reverse there is a lot of vibration when taking up the drive, normal ?
Also the rear suspension seems to rattle over certain bumps, it is worse with the weight of all the seats out, thought the spare wheel carrier was loose but seems ok, normal ?
Any comments would be much appreciated and if these are faults I will be straight on to the dealer.
Thanks in advance TC2
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